Are You Disqualifying Yourself From An Interview?

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Today on the blog we are going to discuss some fool proof ways to get yourself disqualified from even getting an interview with a potential employer.

Ofcourse today’s blog title is a sarcastic one, and meant to highlight the things that you should not do if your aim is to get interviewed for a job.

One of the biggest mistakes that I have seen over the years, is candidates who  express their desire to move into a better job, but year after year however seem to forget the most critical item to set themselfves on the path to that great career.

This brings us to the number one thing on the list that most candidates do to disqualify themselvews from ever getting an interview. 

Not Applying To The Job

Sure there is the possiblity that you may have posted your resume to a job board such as Indeed years ago, and suddenly out of the blue get contacted by a recruiter.

It can happen.

But if you’re ready make serious forward movements as a job applicant, you have to first be a job applicant.

Applying to the job you really want is the first step towards getting an interview.

I always encourage my clients to be active on job boards and submit online applications to as many jobs which they are interested in, as possible.  

Anwering  Prescreen Questions Incorrectly

This is a sometimes a debatable one, and similar to the job application process itself, I have clients who ask me all the time about pre-screen questions.

Have you ever applied for a job online and had to answer a series of questions, somewhat similar to a questionnaire?

These are called the prescreen questions.

They are not by any means trick questions as most people think, but they are meant to disqualify candidates who do not meet the qualifications for the job, and qualify the ones who do.  

Prescreen questions are the employer’s way of telling you the exact person they want to fill their job with.

While you want to be honest in how you answer these questions, you also want to ensure that you do indeed qualify for the job.

The best way to do this is by verifying that you meet the basic qualifications as listed in the job descripton and answering those precreen questions correctly.

Not Paying Attention To The Minimum Qualifcations

Not paying attention the the basic qualifications and over-analyzing them in comparison to the preferred qualifications can also get you screened out of the process and cause you to never get interviewed.

Think of the basic qualifications as what the employer absolutely must have from a candidate in order to get the job done.

Then think of the preferred qualifications are what the employer would like to have  from the candidate.

If you possess everything listed on the basic qualifications and the preferred qualifcations as well, you will be setting yourself up as a preferred candidate.

An employer will want to see your resume over someone else who only meets just the basic requirements for the job. 


Tip: Most prescreen questions are created from the basic qualifications of the job. Before you apply to the job, carefully study, line by line, each part of the basic qualifications of the job as listed. For each line, ask yourself whether or not you have the requirement that is listed. Having each items listed on the basic qualiffcations will mean more than likely you will answer the prescreen questions correctly. 

Not Having Licenses and Certifications

The last sure fired way to get yourself screened out, and ensure that you do not qualify for an interview is by checking off that you don’t possess the licences or certifications required for the job.

It’s not enough to say that you are in the process of obtaining these.

If the employer lists it as a requirement on the job description, they want to know that you possess these certifications at the time that you’re applying.

Hopefully one or all of these points have helped you to better understand what it takes to ensure that you are a viable candidate, and that you don’t screen yourself out of the peocess.


Have you ever accidentally screened yourself out of a job? Tell us about it in the comments below. 




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