Critical Parts Of Your Resume You Should Not Ignore

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Are you ready for the start of the work week? I know I am! If you’re in a job that you absolutely love, you may probably be feeling the same way and that’s a wonderful thing!

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way, and as we speak, there are tons of people on the hunt for their next big job.

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As a corporate recruiter, I go through dozens to hundreds of resumes a week. Some awesome, and some not so great.

What catches my attention as I go through resumes weekly is how much emphasis people place on certain parts of their resume, but how little emphasis is placed on other critical aspects of the resume.

Today, I want to touch on two of these areas, the first being the email address. 

Who doesn’t have one right? Some people have multiple. To apply to most jobs online an email address is required.

It serves two purposes. Primarily it’s a source of authentication, to verify who you are as a candidate, and it’s a unique address to identify you as you go through the recruitment process.

The second reason for an email address is that it’s a source of contact.

The email address is one of the main ways in which your prospective employer can contact you, and it’s how you can be informed of important changes in your application.

A question I get asked all the time, is whether the email address is truly that important.

The short answer, yes it is. But I’m not just talking about whether or not you have one, but I’m talking about how your email address is written, and the connotation behind it.

So let’s say maybe you’ve had your email address since you were young. Maybe you happen to like that it rhymes, or that it tells the world how spunky your are. But, when applying to a job perception is a reality.

Therefore, it’s very important to select an email address carefully. Think about the job you’re applying to.

What first impression does your email address give to the potential employer about who you are as a person?

Tip: If  your email address is a bit risque, or doesn’t match the impression you want to give, consider instead using an alternate email address, or creating a new one that matches a more professional persona. Having email addresses that matches the job you are looking for is always a good idea. For instance “Professional-admin123”.

Always ensure that you’ve written down your password for your new email address because your new employer may require you to log into your online profile using your email address when it comes to the hiring process.

Another less remembered part of the resume is the actual process of attaching the resumes or uploading a resume to an employer’s site.

So often I see candidates uploading resumes that either don’t match the job that they’re applying to or one that says nothing about their experience in the field.


Tip: If you have a wide range of experience in different fields, on your resume highlight the experience in the field that matches the job that you’re applying to.

Some candidates have so much experience in so many different fields, that they feel the need to hightlight all their experience.

Always remember that the recruiter is looking to see the experience you have which matches the position you’ve applied to.

This is what is going to qualify you for the job, rather than the tons of experience you have which has nothing to do with the job.

The other thing which I see a lot of, is candidates attaching the wrong version of their resume.

Many people create different versions of their resumes, but often in haste, attach the wrong copy.

It’s good to read over the copy of the resume you’ve attached.

Never send attachments out blindly, without checking, and double checking them first.

It’s also very important to pay attention to how you name your files.

This, like your email address, can be tell tale signs of what type of applicant you are.

For instance, naming your resume attachment “LookingForAJob.doc” would more than likely send the wrong signal to a recruiter.

You are in essence telling them that you might not be that serious about the job, and that you’re just looking for a source of income.

Likewise, naming your attachment for example, “AdminResume.doc”, while applying to a Airline Pilot job, might not make sense. At first glance the recruiter wants to know that they are going to see the skills which make you qualified for an Airline Pilot role, and not an Administrative Assistant.

Always remember that regardless of the job, whether it be a CEO or a Cashier, your prospective employer wants to know that you will be serious and committed to the job.

Consider instead naming your attchment with more professinal  titles, for instance “CEO Resume”. Another idea is to name your resume with your first and last name, for instance

JohnSmithResume.doc or Resume-JohnSmith.doc

The next time you’re completing your online applications, pay close attention to these two aspects of your resume.

The email address that you use should always be a professional one, and should always give a clear indication that you are serious about your application.

Pay close attention to your attachments and only upload once you are sure that you have checked the content.

Uploading the wrong version of your resume, or worst case the wrong file all together, could make or break your chances of landing the job.


What has been your experience with these 2 critical parts of your resume? Start the conversation in the comments below.

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