10 Engaging Questions To Ask Your Toddler After Daycare

As a relatively new parent of toddlers, I’m here to tell you that one of the hardest moments you’ll face in your life as a new parent, is that day you take your child to daycare.

It’s a very emotional experience, and makes you question yourself as to whether you’re doing the right thing, leaving the child you’ve cared for so diligently, in the hands of someone else.

Guess what!? It will be quite ok.

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Once you’ve done your due diligence in researching the daycare and validating the credibility, professionalism, and most importantly the comfort and care they will provide to your child, after a while you’ll actually get used to having a few hours away.

But truth be told, hands down, the absolute best time of the day once you do start taking your child to daycare and getting into the groove, will be the evening time when you get to see your kids after daycare.

As they grow older, they will have so many stories to tell you that it will be hard for them to focus on telling you just one.

Embrace it and enjoy it. It’s very important to create great conversations with your toddlers and young children. What works for me 

is asking my toddlers open ended questions rather than yes/no type questions and I am always amazed at just how much they open up.

Asking toddlers questions gives them the chance to express themselves and tell you stories about their day as well.

Although they may not stay focused on one story for too long, one great trick I’ve learnt is to simply move on to another question if they seem disintersted but to always try to keep the momentum going. Here is a list of some super engaging questions.



1)How was your day? – This is a great segue into getting them to talk about their emotions. How they felt in the day, whether it be happy, sad, good or bad.

2)What did you eat for snack today? – This engages them in chatter about food texture, colors and smells

3)What is the name of the friend you played with today? – Awesome way to help them with name recognition

4) Did you play any special games today? What game did you play? – Great way to engage them about physical activity and playing with others

5)What time did you take a nap? – A way to introduce your toddler to segments of time and routines

6)Were you a happy helper today? Who did you help? 

7)Where did you play at recess? Outside? Inside? Allow them to share their story

8) What did you do today when it was__  (raining, snowing, hot outside)?

9)Were you happy at playtime today? Did you sing a happy song? What song did you sing with your friends?

10)What book/story did you read today?

I am always engaged in my childrens’ stories and I listen carefully, show them eye contact and let them know they have my full attention.

They always ask you trick questions at the end, and you want to pass, so you have to pay attention!


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