Setting Your Blog Up For Success

Before you get going on your blog or online website, one of the most important elements is to set it up for success.

After all, failure to plan is planning to fail. One of the best ways to do so is with WordPress.

Installing WordPress on your blog or online site may sound like a particularly complex process.

Before I started creating content online, I had no clue what WordPress was.

I had written online content prior for other sites, but I had never gotten deeply involved in the backend piece of content creation enough to know the ins and out of WordPress.

So, before we go into the process, I want to congratulate you on taking steps forward towards your financial success.

The fact that you’re reading this article means that you have somewhat of an interest in creating a blog or online content.

It’s a major decision, but if it’s something you have always wanted to do, or that you’re serious about, I encourage you to move forward!

Let’s get to it! We have learning to do.

What Exactly is WordPress

WordPress is a super cool, easy to use “software” that allows you to create content for your blog. And it’s free!

Many sites use this system, again, because of its ease of use. As a new blogger or online content creator, you want easy.

Blogging is very difficult, and involves many different moving parts.

There is the creation of the content, layout, editing, and also the social media/advertising piece.


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Therefore, any system which can help you make all of this super easy or better to understand, is a system that you want – and that is exactly what Worpress is.

Are There Different Types of WordPress?

The short answer to this question is yes. There are two main types of WordPress sites. In How to Start A Profitable Blog in 2018, I talked about how Setting Up WordPress is one of the most important steps to starting a new blog.

The first decision however is deciding what you want to do with your content.

  • Do you want to express yourself creatively perhaps?
  • Do you want to share your knowledge and have content that is teaching in nature, or
  • Do you have long term plans for your blog and plan to turn it into a business maybe?

Properly answering these questions can help you in deciding which of the versions of WordPress will work better for you.


This is the “free to set up” version of WordPress. Many bloggers do quite successfully in creating and marketing their blog on this platform.

It’s a good alternative if you haven’t fully decided the direction that you want to take with your online content.

If you just want to try it out for while, then I would probably suggest going with this version.

This is also referred to as being on a hosted platform.

With a hosted site, you don’t have full control of your content. Think of it like renting a house. Sure you would like to paint all the walls black and purple, but your landlord will probably frown upon you doing so.

You can’t do just anything you want to the site. For instance, you can’t incorporate ads, therefore it limits your money making ability.

Because is a hosted site, by default your website name will end in So, for instance if your website’s name is ABCDE, the site’s name online would be

With, because the ins and outs of your site are not fully within your control, in effect, someone else is managing the site for you.

There are some perks to this. You don’t have to worry about paying for webhosting, managing a webserver or deal with software or system upgrades.

You can however pay for some upgrades on Some of these upgrades include, domain name registration, where you are paying to not have the extension on your site’s name and you can also pay for one of their premium themes (layout of your site).

I do want to stress the fact that may totally be a great option if you just want to try out blogging as a hobby, or to start getting your name out there.

You always have the option to switch later on if you decide that you want to have more control over your site.

WordPress.ORG is the place you would go to download the free WordPress software which you can add to the server that you manage. It’s what is referred to as being self hosted.

There are major differences between this form versus the version.

Think of your favorite website:

Does it have ads?

Is there a specific look to the menu?

Maybe brand colors that you like?

All of these are items which you’ll have the ability to control on a self hosted site.

If you want to be able to change the look of your website, or add exciting features to it and make it unique, then will most likely suit your needs.

You can also incorporate ads, affiliate links, third party content, and start earning an income from your site.

You are in control. You are the owner of your house. In the example above, the website’s name under was, in a self hosted site, the name would look more like

With control comes responsibility however, so although you can change the theme (layout) of your site, add plugins (we’ll discuss more about plugins later on), you do have to monitor and implement system upgrades, pay for webhosting and troubleshoot issues on your site.

Ask yourself some key questions as you get started on this exciting online career:

Do I plan to make money on my site?

Would I like to have ads or other third party content on my site?

Am I venturing on a blog as a hobby or do I plan to turn it into a possible full time career?

You can always go with the hosted version and later on change over to a self hosted site, but in my opinion, if you are seriously looking to transition to a profitable online career, one where you will be making money from your site, then why waste the energy and later on have to deal with the hastle of transitioning over to self hosted?

Are you interested in creating your own content online?

Which version of Worpress do you think will match your needs? Give me some feedback in the comment section below. 

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