Four Youtube Channels For Your Kids Which Can Help Your Online Business

If you have babies or very young children, and you’ve made the decision to start an online business, one of the biggest challenges you’ll encounter is learning how to balance your online business and keeping your kids occupied.

As parents, our goal should always be to engage our children for long periods of time – or for periods of time that can keep us legally sane.

I usually produce content for this blog during the hours when my kids are asleep.

This is the optimal time as I have no distractions and I am able work on my content with a clear mind. The only downside to this is, after a full day at a Corporate job, and taking care of babies, I am worn out.

As you start your online career you may find that this may be the case for you as well. Before all your energy is zapped away in the evenings, a useful tip I have found, which works for me, is learning how to blog while the sun is still up.

Your energy levels are still somewhat alive during daylight hours, and you just feel better when you accomplish your work during the day. This is where it gets tricky though. If you have a new baby, or young children it might be virtually impossible to type the letter “A” on a keyboard before needing to attend to them.

If you intend to make money outside of your nine to five job, and you have kids, you have to get creative in order to meet your content deadlines. One of the tools that I find helpful is Youtube. I know what you are saying “I don’t want to be someone that parents my kids with screen time”. I completely hear you! And I agree!

But, remember your end goal. Being able to earn more money than in your regular nine to five job, and creating a better life for your family.

When in a time crunch, these four channels are seriously as life saver, and the best part is that their content is educational.

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Baby First TV

This is actually a cable television station, but they’re also on Youtube. They’re focused solely on babies and young kids. There are interactive games and fun characters like the Color Crew – “a bunch of lively crayons”, Tec The Tractor, Harry The Bunny and VocabuLarry.

The channel teaches kids words, sounds, and there’s even a segment called ZumbiniTime where parents are encouraged to get up, move and dance with their babies. Toddlers are encouraged through counting skills, color identification and word pronunciation.

If you find yourself in a creative crunch, and you need something done on your website while the kids are still awake, this channel is guaranteed to buy you a few minutes of uninterrupted blogging time.

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Annie, Ben and Mango , the main cartoon characters on this Youtube channel, will seriously become your best friends.

Annie is like a modern day Dora the Explorer, and she travels with Ben (her dog) and Mango (a cute and cuddly monkey) as they sing their way through nursery rhymes across the globe.

You liked nursery rhymes as a child, so to me HooplaKids is the modern-day-Youtube version of the nursery rhymes we grew up on. It’s guaranteed to give you at least 20 – 30 minutes of toddler free time. You can edit a blog post, put up new content, or do some quick social media marketing if needs be.

Busy Beavers

Their intro and songs are super annoying, but allowing your child to watch Busy Beavers while you focus on your blog for short periods of time is not something you’ll regret doing.

They teach kids through a lot of repetition and recognition of site words. They focus on days of the week, number counting, colors and shapes.

Chu Chu TV

You knew this one was coming, and I saved it for last. If you’ve spent any time around toddlers, then you may have heard of Chu Chu TV.

Although the sound of their channel intro (Chuuuu Chuuuu TeeVeee) drives me nuts at times, there isn’t anything negative that can be said about Chu Chu TV. Some of their videos have over 238 million views and they have 17 million subscribers.

Chu Chu TV puts a positive spin on some of the major nursery rhymes that we grew up on. Humpty Dumpty gets put back together at the end of one of the songs.

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While these Youtube channels are educational, they are screen time activities, so as with any other activity that you expose your kids to, moderation is the key. 

Follow the American Academy of Pediatrics’s recommendations on kids and screen time, and never allow the production of your online content to overtake your ability to spend quality time with your kids. They need your love and attention, so be sure to interact with them as much as possible!

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