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We live in a digital age right? Everything’s online now. Companies have moved to the beat of the same drum, and most require you to go to the their website, fill out a long drawn out application, and you’re not guaranteed to even get a call.

Having to sit and complete four to five of these online applications at different companies gets really draining really quickly.

What about having to complete 20 – 50 of them?  If you’re a new mommy especially, ask yourself, is this an efficient use of my time?

I have put together three effective ways to advance your career without heading straight to complete an online application. 

By using these tools, you can drive yourself towards the job you are looking for. Take it from a real Recruiter!

Of course the company will require you to complete an online application, but the point I’m trying to make is this: rather than spending all of your time and efforts in applying to multiple jobs, concentrate your efforts instead on developing leads towards the job that you truly want, and then complete the online application for that job, or to that company.

Post Your Resume To Indeed

I’m sure you’ve heard about Indeed. It’s one of the most popular and most effective online tools for job seekers.

It’s the place where millions of people go to search for jobs.

Instead of using indeed to search for your next job, allow the recruiter for your next job to search for you. You can do this by posting your resume to Indeed. 

Rather than spending time applying to multiple job posts on Indeed, it sometimes make more sense to focus energy into making your resume searchable by properly organizing it. Therefore targeting the job you really want. 

Fill it will clear information on your dates of employment, educational background and accomplishments.

Cater your resume to the job you are trying to find if you know that you possess the skills and education required. Apply key words which will make your resume more likely to show up in recruiter searches. An Administrative Assistant could make their resume more searchable by using key words such as “project”, “coordinate”, “coordinator” or even “specialist”.

Use Linked In As a Lead Generator

LinkedIn is a social sharing network but unlike more popular ones like Facebook, it is geared towards business professionals.

It’s meant as a place for industry professionals to network, find opportunities to grow professionally and meet other industry professionals like themselves. So how can Indeed help you?

Did you know that some companies have jobs which don’t even make it to job boards like Indeed? Do you know why? It’s something called Contingency Planning.

In some large organizations, management know when a job vacancy is going to arise, whether it’s due to someone with a future retirement, someone who is progressing to another position inside or outside of the organization or an upcoming vacancy due to other factors.

Through Contingency Planning, top level leadership creates a plan of action on how to fill the soon to be vacated opening. They identify people whose work experience and skills align with the job, and as soon as the opening is actually created, they slide them in. That person can be you if you leverage yourself correctly.

Learn how to use LinkedIn as your lead generator and not just a tool for making connections. Engage with people via LinkedIn who are in the same industry that you are in (or want to be in).

Speak with them often on jobs within their organization that your skills align to.

Make connections through your contacts to other people in the same industry. Share you skills and work experience with your new contacts as well.

Make your presence known and clearly communicate your desire for a specific position should a need arise. Soon you’ll see that one connection on LinkedIn may lead you to another – which could lead you to your right job!

Get On Twitter

Some companies tweet about their new openings. Pay attention to this. These are sometimes their hard to fill positions, and If you skills and qualifications match the job being tweeted, then it’s simply a matter of connecting with the right person.

Pay attention to where the tweets originate from or the person who is listed as a point of contact.

Is it from the HR person perhaps? Does it give an email link to respond to? Or perhaps even a telephone number?

These tweets could guide you towards your next great career.

You can sign up for Twitter for free, start following the companies that you are most interested in, and see what they’re tweeting out! This is an effective way to go directly to the source.

If you’re searching for your next great career move, hopefully these three tips can help you get there.

Which method do you think is more effective? The traditional method of applying to jobs or the ones laid out in this post? Let me know your thoughts.

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