5 Mom Hacks To Help You Leave The House On Time


Ok so it’s always a running joke that the person with the baby or with kids is always the one who’s guaranteed to be late to every function. Taking care of babies and getting them ready is always a balancing act and requires not only precision but also a lot of careful timing.

It’s not that you don’t plan accordingly or monitor the clock every 15 minutes, but rather it’s the unforeseen circumstances, like the toddler who insists on having a tantrum right before leaving the house, or the baby with the diaper blowout when you’re about to get into the car.

If you have a life like mine, these are the things which probably cause you to be constantly late.

None of these situations can be averted. They are beyond our control. What we can control however is how proactive we are about controlling these situations and the steps we can take to (hopefully) keep them from getting out of control – and allow us to get to our destination – ON TIME.

Here are a few mom hacks that can help you become the parent who is always on time – each and every time!

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Hack#1 – Always Get Ready Before Your Kids

You know how in an airplane they always tell you to put on your mask first in case of emergency, and then help those around you. Well, so too with kids always ensure that you get youself ready first.

Ok so I know you’re probably saying, “I already do that”.

The trick to it however is, after you’ve gotten yourself ready, place an old oversized t-shirt over your clothes. That way if anything happens in terms of a blowout or other unsual cirmcstance, you don’t have to get dressed all over again.

If you wear make up, use setting spray over your face, then follow up with your oversized t-shirt. The setting spray protects your makeup from ruining the kid’s outfit, and the oversized shirt protects your outfit from danger. 

Remove your t-shirt just before you leave the house. 

Hack #2 – Lay Out All YOUR Clothes

By all  I mean – ALL of YOUR clothes the night before. This includes pantyhose, socks, underwear. Lay them out in the order that you will wear them.

This means your jacket or coat should be the first item you lay out, with your dress, or pants on top, and your shirt or blouse on top of that. Your underwear and socks should be at the top of the layer, since that’s the first thing you will put on – right? Makes sense?

This combined with the old t-shirt trick will totally save you on time!

Hack #3 – Create A Car Kit 

Keep a car kit and keep it stocked. Keep a plastic container with a lid, or any container that you prefer as long as it is big enough to hold all your baby essentials.

In it keep diapers in the baby’s (or toddler’s) current size, a full container of wipes, one set of extra clothes (pants, shirt, socks, shoes, hat), a few large zip lock bags, an extra towel, an extra shirt or change of clothes for yourself and snacks and toys.

Inspect your car kit once a month or once a quarter and swap out any expired items. If the baby has moved up a diaper size, swap those out as well.

This way, If your toddler or little one has a “situation”, you don’t need to go back into the house to take care of it. Running back into the house for “5 minutes” can turn into thirty minutes real quick.

Just get on your way and either handle it in the car with your car kit, or handle it when you get to your destination – on time.

Hack #4 – Use a Clothes Organizer For The Kids Clothes

Organize clothes using a clothes organizer. I use this simple one. It may seem like a very non-relevant or unimportant item – but it is a life saver. It helps keeps clothes sorted and organized with very little effort.

A great trick is to lay kids clothes in the organizer upright rather than one on top of each other.

This way, you can see all of the clothes at one glance, and not have to fumble and go through each one stacked on top of each other to find the one that you want your child to wear that day.

Hack#5 – Place A Toy Within Reach

Place a quiet toy in your little one’s room right before you go to bed but while they’re still sleeping. Place it where it can be within their reach. If possible, make it a toy that they have either not seen in a while, or not played with at all.

Please do this carefully. Be careful not to wake them up.

This hack works well for toddlers and young babies. When they wake up, they will spend a little time occupied with the toy, and this will buy you a little extra time to get ready.

Share some experiences with me. Tell me about some great hacks you’ve heard about that help in getting out the door on time with kids.


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  1. May 24, 2018 / 4:01 am

    These are such great tips I am ALWAYS late everywhere so I am gonna need to try these out to hopefully save some time

  2. June 15, 2018 / 5:06 am

    Great tips! #3 made all the difference for me. Having a “go” bag prepared saves so much time and cuts down the stress not to mention the risk of forgetting things when you leave home with the kids. I’m definitely going to be doing #4 and #5. Thanks 🙂
    Emmy recently posted…60 Easy Ways to Lower Blood Sugar NaturallyMy Profile

  3. June 17, 2018 / 10:04 pm

    That last idea is a pretty good one. Usually our 5 month old starts crying to let us know shes awake and an extra 5 minutes really wouldn’t hurt.

    • Thiswaymommy
      June 18, 2018 / 11:52 pm

      Completely agree James. Some extra sleep never hurts!

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