Give Her Amazing Gifts This Mother’s Day

In my mind, Mother’s Day is really every day of the week. But, I have to admit that I love the fact that a special day is set aside to honor mothers. Moms do so much, so it’s only fitting that we’re honored on that special day. Plus it gives those around us a chance to make us feel extra special.

If you have a new mom or a mom of infant/toddlers in your life, it’s not a bad idea to go overboard on her. She’ll appreciate it because – well, taking care of kids is hard work.

Here are some awesome and amazing gifts that the mother(s) in your life is sure to like this Mother’s Day! They’re better than flowers!



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If she’s the artsy type, get her some Wall Art Mason Sconces. They come as as a pair, and have LED fairy string lights in them!

What mom doesn’t love a good laugh? This mug makes for a functional gift and one that will bring a smile to her face if as well.




You can never go wrong with jewelry. It’s just one of those things that’s always right. This mother’s day buy her this Initial Pendant Necklace.








There isn’t a mom out there that will refuse sleep! I know I won’t! Pamper her, and allow her to enjoy her beauty rest with this Pure Silk Pillowcase.










Have a mom who is big into fitness? Help her get her fitness on with a ‘Charge 2’ Wireless Activity & Heart Rate Tracker.












For the mom who commutes to and from work, make life a little easier and a bit more beautiful! This Le Pilage tote is the perfect companion for her!










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