Interesting Ways To Hide Your Baby Bump

Did you ever play hide and seek when you were a child? I used to love that game! What kid doesn’t, right?

Well, now you are an adult and you’re pregnant, and you might be at a point where you are attempting to play hide the baby bump lol.

I see you looking all bashful!

Well if you are about to play that game, or attempting to play, there is absolutely nothing to feel bad about.

When I was pregnant, and not yet ready to disclose, I searched the internet tirelessly for posts on how to hide a pregnancy.

I was desperate to learn about any and every thing I could do to ensure that it was kept a secret until I was ready to tell everyone.

You might probably be in the same boat. Maybe you are just feeling a bit nervous about telling before you are sure that everything will be ok, or maybe you just want to take your time because it is your first pregnancy. Rest assured. We won’t tell anyone.

In my search online, I found one or two posts here and there which talked more so about cute clothes to cover a pregnancy, but nothing that really completely explained to me HOW to cover up the bump.

Pinterest was helpful in that I found a few ideas that gave me creative inspiration, but when I got totally frustrated at not knowing how to properly cover my pregnancy, I started to come up with ingenuitive ideas of my own.

I decided to write this post just for future mommies like you, to better help out with the frustruation of not knowing the proper way to give the illusion of not being pregnant, even when you know you are! Here are a few useful tips to get you started. This post contains affiliate links. Please see my detailed Disclaimer

Your Face and Feet

The fist thing that anyone notices about you is always your face. We know this already right? But have you every met someone new and noticed them side eying your shoe?

It’s not so much that they are interested in your feet. They are actually interested in knowing more about you, and shoes do just that. You can tell a whole lot about a person by looking at their shoes. Whether they are tidy, spunky or even boring.

When you are expecting and still keeping it a secret, your face and your shoes should become two of your most indespensible weapons for covering up that bump. If you are a wearer of makeup, then accentuate your face.

I know it’s hard to think about doing a full Picasso face at this point in your pregnancy, considering the morning sickness and the fact that you feel un-well in general. But try when you can.

Keep it simple by focusing on the eyes, and a nice lip color. For instance, I used to wear this NYX lip gloss alot. It was just a nude colored gloss, but it was affordable and instantly gave my face a little boost even though the nausea was wearing me down.

If you are not a wearer of makeup, you can still trick the eye into not seeing your bump by focusing instead on the accessories around your face.

Think bold and unique earrings, or a statement necklace. Anything that will keep the person you are talking to focused on your face! Same goes for your shoes. Leopard print, bold hues, patterned flats. Make those eyes look down at your shoes! Here are a few examples of some interesting ones.


Steve Madden Leopard Slip On                                

Mohana D’Osay Pointed Toe Flat

Celebrate Sunshine Wedge


Your Accessories 

For NBC’s Scandal watchers, do you remember when you found out that Keri Washington had been pregnant on the show all along?

Do you also remember how mad you were at yourself for not catching it! Well, if it’s your turn to play hide and seek with the baby bump, but you have to physically go into work in the mornings, guess what you can do?

Gather up your largest accessories and use them on a daily basis. Think of things you might already own, such as large purses, or big padfolios (I used to faithfully place mine in front of me to every meeting).

When you opt for large totes, place them on your shoulders and lean them into your body.

Crossbody bags work well also. You can strategically drape them across your body, and cover the greater part of your bump.

They work great for when you are first entering your workplace in the mornings.

If you are rocking clutches instead, keep them held tightly front of you, instead of under your arm.


Keep the middle plain

One strategy that I learnt was to keep my mid section plain and basic. For instance with a plain black dress or any plain solid colored dress in a dark hue.

Use this as your canvas. You can use the same technique with skirts and tops or blouses and pants. Use the same uniform color from top to bottom. Keep it dark, by using colors like black, dark blue, or plum.

Once you have established your solid based, color around it. So, think bright colored jackets, finisher pieces with texture, printed jackets, vests (also great for hiding what is in the middle as the give the illusion of a thinner shape).

For instance, I bought this dress below which I love because 1. It is 100% cotton, and 2.because it drapes and skims across the belly, and styled it with a striped navy and white jacket.


Longline cardigans (ones that hit below your hips, or mid-thigh work well also). They draw the eyes in vertically, and tricks the looker’s eyes into bypassing what’s in the middle.

I used scarves a lot during my first pregnancy. So much so that, it got to the point where someone had to remind me after I had announced my pregnancy, that I no longer needed to wear a scarf. lol

Confuse the eye in the middle

I know I just said keep the middle plain, but hear me out here. lol. Another really great trick that I found helpful in hiding the baby bump was creating confusion to the eye with my clothes.

I love dresses, and I used shift dressses like these to create somewhat of a crazy busy pattern around my mid section. I would avoid belts, and I would instead let the dress drape on me a little bit, and I accentued – you guessed it, the face! 

If you like maxi dresses (like the one you see below) these also work well, as the print confuses the eye, and the solid color on both sides tricks the viewer into only seeing an hourglass shape.

No one will realize the bump, as the busy fabric pattern in the center tricks the eye.

Target Printed Maxi Dress

I would go a step further with a dress like this by wearing a scarf on top (for extra baby bump coverage).

Something that I found really helpful was wrapping the scarf around my neck, and letting the front ends of the scarf drape down to my mid section. 

Don’t worry about the fact that you do not live in a cold climate. Rocking a thin scarf around your neck – remember now – draws attention to your face!

I hope these tips were helpful to you. If you enjoyed reading this post, when you have moved on from the hiding the bump phase and you are ready to disclose your pregnancy, hopefully…How To Tell Your Boss You Are Expecting, and The Art of Announcing Your Pregnancy At Work can help you in announcing!


Share some stories about your pregnancy announcements with me, I would love to hear.

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