How I Doubled My Blog Views In Two Months: From Two Views To 4…

The graphic title of this post may make you chuckle a little bit.

It even made me chuckle while I was typing it.

You probably were thinking, I bet she meant to say 2 Views to 400 views, or maybe 2 views to  4000 views perhaps? Nope. I totally wholeheartedly meant to say 2 Views to 4 Views.

I mean, that is double right? The saddest part however was that one of the two views were mine and two of the four views were also


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I started blogging a little over two months ago. I was excited and pumped. I had wanted to do this for years and could never muster the courage to do it.

Finally I was here. I had hosting company, by the way, just for reference I use Siteground. A little over a month ago I didn’t even know what a hosting company was, but yes, suddenly I had one! I installed WordPress on my site, and I was up and running.

My very own space in internet-land. I started blogging my little heart out every evening after I put the kids to bed. I started waking up early to blog and work on my site.

As I worked on my blogging skills I also read and read constantly to make sure that there weren’t things that I was missing out on. Believe me, there is still ALOT that I have not read and even more than I don’t understand – yet.

I worked on my site day and night, trying to learn how to place widgets where I wanted them, and how to organize things on my blog’s layout so that it would look user friendly.

In hindsight I guess I was thinking that once you created a blog all the features would be laid out right there for you, like all the pages, or the menu titles, and that you simply had to go in and put your details into each of the fields and voila – website done!

I truly thought that all I needed to do was create great content that my readers would love and that they would keep coming back to me for more. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

For weeks I worked hard on creating content and publicising my content. I knew that by the time I was ready to check on my progress I would have a ton of views, one, because I had been working so hard and two, because I knew that I had valuable content.

When I finally learned how to check my progress, I logged into the analytics section of my blog.

This was about one month after I started blogging. I saw the big number two… as in two views, one of which … was mine. That actually didn’t phase me. I was new on the block. Nobody knew me yet. I had to give it a little time.


A week or two later I checked on my progress because I knew there was going to be A BIG change. I was promoting my posts on all my social media platforms, I was pinning like a mad woman and people were starting to know me.

Four. Count them. Four views, two of which were mine. LOL. That means that in a world of over seven billion people, two people viewed my site. While this was a major let down, the odd thing was I didn’t see it as that. I am saying all this to say, that if you are also just starting your blog journey.

Don’t get hung up on lack of views or people not knowing you. It will come. Pease allow me to repeat, IT WILL COME.

Think of any star that you know. Think of Oprah before she was known by only one name, think of Kim Kardashian-West prior to 2007?  Did you know them? Probably not.

Did they exist, uh yeah. What you probably don’t realize is that even back then they were working hard on building their brands and working towards the careers they have now.

They worked, and hustled and probably got turned down by people, and had a low amount of views at one point, just like you and I.

But understand that if you work hard, and continue to learn in the field, you will get better and people will start to take notice of you. Just be consistent and stick with it.

What Worked For Me in My First Few Weeks

A Good Hosting Company

Although my 2 views (the 2 of the 4 that were not mine) were pathetic, they were a sign of progress. I mean, 4 is greater than 2, am I not correct? One of the things I am glad I did and which I think worked in my favor was the fact that I picked a good hosting company.

I was fearful in my first few weeks that my website would crash from me hitting the wrong key, or from some unknown web portal factor type thing. I even mentioned it in my post about 15 Things You Will Learn As A New Blogger.

If you are about to start your blog, you want to go with one that is self hosted, so that you can control things on your site, and also monetize your site if you choose to.

I did a massive amount of research prior to starting my blog. I needed a company to host my site and I read that Siteground had a 99.99% uptime. 

So their servers, which would potentially be hosting your site, would be up and running for 99.99% of the time and would only be down 0.01% of the time, if it did happen to go down.

An outage could be caused by something minute like a mistake in code, or it could be caused by something as major as a natural disaster.

They are also known for fast load times. So I chose Siteground as my hosting company.

Web Hosting

I have thus far had really good experiences with their customer service.

I am not the most tech saavy person, and when I first started the site, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I logged into their chat feature and there was ALWAYS someone there to assist me with my questions.

They even show you a picture of the person you are chatting with.

Keeping My Blog Private

One of the things I decided to do on my blog journey, or I should say, decided not to do, was let my friends and family know that I have started a blog. I just truly did not want the pity clicks.

You know how friends and family love you, and they want to help you in all that you do. Think of your family and friends flocking to your site, clicking one everything to help you with your site views?

They will probably subscribe to help your blog numbers, and will even click on your affiliate links to help you monetarily so that you can keep your blog going. I didn’t want any of these – at lease not at first. 

So here I am. A woman and her blog out in this world trying to make it on my own. lol.

I just wanted the security of knowing that my views were earned through hard work and not pity.


You’ve heard it over and over time and time again, and I truly did not believe that a hobby that I loved so much could help me in growing my blog, but it has.

I have had Pinterest for years and always used it as a place I go to for cute outfit inspiration, makeup ideas and recipes.

But it is so much more. You can use it as a place to showcase your blog and also gain inspiration and ideas from other bloggers.


Tailwind was a game-changer for me – with regards to how it works with Pinterest. While I like the idea of pinning, with a busy career and two babies, I just do not have the time to manually pin several times a day.

With Tailwind you schedule the pins you want to be pinned and the times, and they are automatically pinned to the boards you have selected.

I like that they offer a yearly plan and also a monthly one. That tells me that they are willing to consider that not everyone might be able to pay for a yearly subscription. I like companies that consider different price budgets. 

The only thing is that you pay a slightly higher price per month than what you would have paid for a whole year’s subscription.

I am currently using it to schedule my own pins, and pins which are not my own as well.


Canva is an app/website that you can go to in order to create pins and images for your blog.

You can add pictures that you already have and edit them using the tools they have available or you can use the pre-installed templates to create your Pinterest pins, Facebook Covers or Blog Graphics.

Some of the things on Canva are free, some you have to pay for. I still have alot to learn on Canva, I am a writer not an artist. LOL.

What Did Not Work For Me 

Manual Pinning

When I was single, I enjoyed going on Pinterest and pinning things that I loved. It just isn’t a feasible use of my time now that I have babies.

While it did not work for me – time wise – to pin my own pins manually everyday, I still pin other people’s pins manually.  WHAT? Am I crazy?

No. I still love discovering new pins and reading (when I can) what the new pins are about, so for these reasons, and even though it  doesn’t work for pinning my own pins, I try to dedicate time each day to manually pinning other pins I like.

Don’t give up on manual pinning as it can help you grow your community.

You will come to know the products and bloggers that you like (by reading their content) and you will be able to form relationships with the ones you can relate to.

Posting Inconsistently

What I have found is that if I do not stick to my weekly schedule, it not only throws me off, but it also throughs off the number of views I could potentially receive (I am past 4 views a day now. LOL).  

Try to create a posting schedule and stick to it.

My First Theme

In my opinion, the theme you choose for your blog in the beginning, is one of those things that you shouldn’t worry about, at first. As you develop your site you will gain vision on how you want it to look, and you can change your theme later on.

For me, my first theme just did not look the way I wanted the site to look.

I also hated the fact that I did not have the ability to change many things and the fact that it wasn’t responsive, meaning that it did not change depending on which device it was being viewed on.

So, it would look good on on the desktop, but eiher omit things, or place items in oddball places, on an android phone. Hated that. So…I moved on.

Plans Moving Forward

I want to write more often. I would like to increase my blog posts to four a week, and wait for it….one day when I get particularly gutsy…I would like to try for one post a day. Wish me luck!

Guest Posting

I very much would like to do guest posts, again this is where building relationships will come in.

Doing guest posts will help in building traffic back to your blog, and if you do it right way –  think integrity, timeliness, respect for the host blogger –  you may even get the opportunity to do others.

Blogging Courses 

I have been eyeing a few courses from established bloggers for a while now. What is holding me back is the price. Some are very pricy.

But I truly want to take a few blogging courses, and invest in one or two books.

Gaining More Subscribers

My subscription list is also something I plan to tackle but I haven’t quite figured out how to get that done yet. Like all the other things I have learned on this blogging journey, I know I will eventually figure it out.

Learning More About Tailwind

I have also been reading up about Tailwind Tribes. I know what a tribe is, and now I know what Tailwind is, but the Tailwind Tribe…um…no clue…so yeah..that one is on my list of things to learn and master also.

Reading More

Reading, Reading, Reading. I cannot stress enough the way reading has become my saving grace. I have always been an avid reader, but I have begun reading myself to the point of migraines (in a good way).

So to, I encourage you to continue reading and learning. Your views will increase. You will get there, I promise you.  Baby steps young butterfly.


What has your blogging journey been like? I would love to hear. Tell me in the comments below. 

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  1. March 26, 2018 / 5:14 am

    Your title made me giggle AND click on your post via Pinterest! I enjoy bloggers who have a sense of humour! Thank you for all the great tips! I haven’t made my blog live yet, but I’m definitely bookmarking this page for when I do. Best of luck with doubling those views again and again and again ?

    • Thiswaymommy
      March 26, 2018 / 6:21 pm

      Glad I could give you a good giggle! Thank you for reading. Best of luck on launching your blog. Be sure to come back and share with us!

    • Thiswaymommy
      March 28, 2018 / 1:59 am

      Welcome Sheri-Ann!
      I am glad I could give you a good laugh. Blogging is serious business, but I decided to take a funny approach to lighten the mood and encorage those considering the blogging path to know that it can be done!

  2. April 3, 2018 / 4:38 am

    This was so encouraging to have someone else where I am. I’ll have to check out Tailwind. Love your sense of humor and your beautiful blog layout 🙂

    • Thiswaymommy
      April 3, 2018 / 11:23 am

      Thank you for reading Nicole! I am glad I was able to humor you but I am also pleased that this post has hopefully provided you with motivation.

  3. April 27, 2018 / 3:32 pm

    Thank you for the good information! I will check some of these out. I am with Canvas, but am considering other options.?

    • Thiswaymommy
      April 28, 2018 / 2:40 pm

      I love Canva. It just makes graphics so easy! Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

  4. April 28, 2018 / 1:25 am

    Love this post! I still do not share mine with friends and family, I want to see growth from other sources first! BTW I think your blog looks great!

    • Thiswaymommy
      April 28, 2018 / 2:41 pm

      Thank you for stopping by Jessica. I cannot fault you for that! For me it’s so important to know that I can build up my following on my own! Best of luck to you on your own blog journey.

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