Baby Products I Did Not Use: And Crafty Alternatives 

Let’s face it. When you are a first time parent, the world of baby products is like a trap door. Either way you are going to fall into it.

You would probably roll over with laughter had you seen my first baby registry – the one before the public one that everyone saw.

I had every gadget known to baby and man on that registry. Thank God for my best friend Google which quickly helped me realized that I did not need all that stuff. 


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I wanted everything for my baby, and you probably do too. Who can blame us?

On the one hand, we want all the gadgets which can protect and help us raise our children, and on the other hand, the manufacturers of these products make us feel like there is no way we can possibly take care of a child without them.

I defer to the cavemen on this one. They did a pretty good job at raising children without organic baby linen and ergonomic baby strollers right?

So in my quest for finding the right products, and a level of sanity as well, there were a few products that I absolutely did not buy. 

Along my search I either found cheaper, better alternatives or improvised. I also learned how to shop better and smarter.

This post, about shopping during pregnancy, talks about a few of the items that you can focus on instead of the ones you may not need. 

If you are putting together your baby registry, consider your needs and that of your baby first, but also think logically in terms of what is really needed. I hope that this list helps.

Diaper Genie

I totally thought that I needed this diaper genie. I mean, you may have heard about what stinky diapers do to the …um…ambiance of a house right? lol.

I was totally in love with this product. It just made sense, and I loved the idea that it could wrap the diaper as well. I mean, it had the activated carbon filter too.  

I didn’t quite understand what that meant, but it sounded so good!

One of the things that stopped me from getting this product was that I could not see it being useful after I stopped using it for the baby.

In my mind, I wanted a diaper pail that i could actually use later on…say for regular garbage.

I am all about re-using products, not just for our environment’s sake, but also because I don’t want to be wasteful, so therefore I love baby products I can use later down.

Also, I did not want to get stuck having to buy the special diaper genie refills, which I found a little pricy in the long run.

Even if you choose to go with ordinary garbage bags, you still need the refill from the diaper genie, some amount of ingenuity or Youtube videos, to help you to put the ordinary bags into the refill.

I also read reviews from parents who complained about the weird noise it made when wrapping the diapers and even a few reviews where the parents complained that the product broke. Oh my!

One of the things that I wanted in a diaper pail, was a foot pedal so that I would not have to touch the pail while holding a stinky diaper. 

For me, it was more about being functional than the fancy frills. I stumbled upon this Dekor Diaper Pail, and tested it out in the store.

I picked it because of the simple design, and the fact that I knew I could use it later down in the laudry room as an ordinary garbage bin for the old dryer sheets and lint balls.

Plus, I realized that I totally could use any garbage bag I wanted. Winning!!! I use cheap garbage bags instead and the total price was way less than what I would have paid with the Diaper Genie and the refills. 

Now the bin itself I love because it has a two seal keep in the scent technology. That’s not a real thing, I totally made that up.

But in all seriousness, It has a flap lid that works with the foot pedal, and an inner bin also with a lid, that can be closed so that toddlers don’t get in it.

This thing traps odors! It comes in three sizes, and the largest professes to hold up to 60 diapers. 

Baby Robes

I found baby robes a bit annoying to use.

They are very cute, don’t get me wrong. But as a parent you want functional and not cute. Cute will not help you save time, and cute will not help you when a baby is crying.

It is a bit time consuming to have to put them in the robe right after the bath, then have to take it off to dress them.

Instead, I chose to go with these,  which you place on their heads, then wrap around them. Much more functional and easy to get in an out of.

Wipes Warmer

I totally thought about the cold winter nights when it came to the wipes warmer. I had my heart set on getting this one. Part of me felt that it would be mean to wipe a baby in the cold winter with a cold baby wipe.

Umm….wrong. This was another one of those things I passed on. Why?

Well, it is another item that you have to sanitize and clean well, or risk the possible growth of mold. Who has time for all that? You don’t!  

Also, what would you do with it when you are no longer using it in the summer months?

Or not using it at all when the baby is a toddler, and won’t even stay still long enough for you to use it during diaper changes?

So for these reasons, I passed on the wipes warmer. Instead I used the good old fashioned wipes-in-my-hand method.

I just rubbed my hands together a few times before grabing the wipes, and held them tight in both hands before using them. Never heard any complaints from either baby. lol.

Bottle Sterilizer

I felt that the bottle sterilizer was another moisture trapping contraption that I totally did not want to have to clean and sanitize once a week.

Instead of the bottle sterilizer, I used the …wait for it. The dishwasher.

However, even without a dishwasher, I find it easier to sanitize bottles once a week in two teaspoons of Clorox to one gallon of water, for 2 – 5 minutes, rinsing them, then boiling them in a pot of hot water. I find this much easier to do than having to clean the sterilizer. 

Blooming Bath

I was so in love with this. It was just so cute, and would be a nice soft place to lay baby to take a bath. And plus it was just so cute.

Did I say that already? Yeah…so NO!  After reading the online reviews, it was a no go for me.

I took a look at one in-store, and I could just tell that it would take forever to dry after use, if you don’t have a dryer.

Even with a dryer, who wants to have to dry a blooming bath every night? Instead I opted for this very simple baby bath. I love it on many levels.  It is simple in design, there is a mesh sling and padded head rest for younger babies, and it can be hung to dry.

Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids

Also, the sling part is well angled, provides back support, and it also makes for a somewhat warm spot versus the cold of the tub itself when you first put he baby in.

This tub can be used even for older babies above a year.

A Baby Crib

The honest truth is that you actually do not need a baby crib at first. The gasps! It’s the truth. Think this through.

When a baby is in the womb, the baby is warm and nestled. Right?

Then we choose to place them in a large open crib when they are born, and wonder why they cry?

 It you are dealing with especially small spaces, you can actually skip the baby crib for a few months.


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This Fisher-Price Rock N Play sleeper is a great option for the first 0 – 4 months. It is really meant as a place for naps, but babies seem to just love it for sleep. It is awesome! 

Why did I choose it? Well, I wanted something small and easy to store.

I also wanted something that was light weight and could be easily transported from one room to another.

The baby felt warm and snuggled in it and an added bonus is the vibrate function that seems to lulls them to sleep.

A total must have for any new parent. A more conventional option also is a co-sleeper like the SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper.

A Separate Baby Changing Station 

At one point in my pre-baby-registry making, I almost convinced myself to get this, a separate baby changing station.

I thought through it long and hard  and I allowed need to take the place of want. Did I need a separate station? Do you?

The final answer for me on the separate changing station was no, and If you have any dressers, the top of which you are not using.

I would strongly tell you to reconsider getting a separate baby changing station. If space is an issue, skip it all together. Simply use the top of the dresser as your station.


Books and Coloring Books
Instead I invested in this baby changing table runner, which not only helps in keeping the dresser free of scratches or any questionable liquids, but it also has pockets which allow you to store additional baby items, such as baby wash clothes, brushes, and grooming tools.

Then, on top of this, place your change pad, and use a portable carrier, such as this o by Sara Bear which I love, and talk about here.   

Muslin Swaddling Cloths

Unless you know how to swaddle a baby like a burrito, then the fancy muslin swaddling cloths might be a let down for you.

Don’t get me wrong, they feel wonderful. My issue however was, try as I may, I just could not swaddle the baby the way the nurses do in the hospital.

Worst yet, when the baby has learnt to break out of a swaddle, you will worry about keeping them warm while keeping them safe.

When they are newborns, rather than trying to fight yourself to do a perfect swaddle, the Swaddle Me works better. It’s almost like they have done the pre-swaddling for you.

You place the baby inside it, and it’s a goof proof system because all you are doing is aligning the sides and attaching them somewhat like velcro.

Likewise, I really love the Halo Sleep Sack when they are a little older – like 6 – 12 months, as it’s wearable and they are kept nestled and warm, especially in the fleece one.

You can rest assured knowing that the “blanket” will not interfere with their sleep, and will never obstruct their little faces.

Burp Cloths

These are awesome for catching baby spit up, but I found them a bit on the thin side and I wanted something thicker. I totally passed on these. 

Believe me, you will want thicker cloths when it’s teething time. I found these pre-folded cloth diapers by Gerber, and never looked back.

Of course they are meant to be used as diapers, but I used them as burp cloths as they are strong, very absorbent and work really well especially during teething time.

What are some baby products on your wish list that you are giving second thought to? Tell us in the comments below.

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