How To Tell Your Boss You’re Expecting

You are expecting. This is a wonderful time for you, and you are trying to figure out the best way to tell your supervisor or boss.

Up until this time, you were not ready to tell anyone but a select few close family and friends.

Most women wait until after the 11th or 12th week of pregnancy to announce their pregnancy, as the chances of a miscarriage are significantly reduced at this point in the pregnancy.

By this time you have probably been experiencing bouts of nausea and feelings of excitement all at once.

Whether you work in a physical building or at a remote location outside of the office, deciding on the right time and place to tell your boss that you are expecting can make you somewhat nervous.

Why you should tell your boss first

But, hands down, you want your boss to be the first person within the organization that you tell your great news, and for several reasons.

Primarily, because this person signs off on your paycheck right? That should not be the primary reason! 


You want to make your boss privy to the information first, so that you can display to your immediate leader that you are a service professional. Display your level of courtesy and professionalism, by telling him or her first.

At work you may that one work bff, or your go-to-person that you confide in with all your personal most confidential work gossip.

However, again, as a matter of sheer courtesy you want ensure that you go to your leader first.

He or she will appreciate your candor, and the fact that you are allowing them the opportunity to put together a contingency plan during the time that you will be out of the office on leave.

Beware of the office grapevine

Speaking of gossip, the last thing that you want is for the office grapevine tell your boss that you are expecting before you do.

It is just not very tasteful, and depending on your boss, there may be feelings of mistrust at the fact that you did confide in him or her first.

If you are having a particularly trying pregnancy, announce your news to your leader, so that any needed accommodations can be made for you on days or in situations where you have appointments realating to your pregnancy, or just days in general when you may be feeling unwell.

Additionally, if you work in a hazadardous type of environment, for instance around chemicals, or machinery which could be harmful to you or baby, it is of utmost importance that you let your boss know so that an accomodation can be made for you to work around equipment and conditions which are safer for your pregnancy.

How to say the words

Pick the right time

Decide on the right time to tell you boss. It could be a particular day, or time. Never feel pressured at having to announce your pregnancy, decide on the time and place that is right for you.

Ensure that it will be in a private and confidential place (and sorry but, your work sidekick should not be present for this one).

Arrange the meeting

The next thing you should do is arrange an actual meeting with your boss.

You can do so either by asking him or her directly face to face for a meeting, or you can send an e-mail. If your leader has an administrative assistant, schedule the meeting through this person.

If you are asked the nature of the meeting, you can simply state that you prefer to discuss it at the time of the meeting.

Just say the words

The best way to say the words is to do just that, just say it. You can use terms like “We are Expecting”, or you can lead up to the statement by simply saying “I just wanted you to be the first to know that…”

Once you have disclosed to your leader, if you are not ready at that immediate time to tell the rest of your team, do not be afraid to request confidentiality.

Announce your news to everyone else on your time.

Follow Up Items

This is also the perfect time to bring fourth any ideas that you have in reference to how your work should be done while you are away. Explain also your projected due date and tentative leave of absence information.

Remember that your news is delightful and wonderful. Have confidence in announcing it!


How will you share your pregnancy new? Or how have you shared your news?

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