15 Things You will learn as a New Blogger

With any major life decision, there comes a bit of hesitation and likewise uncertainty. Deciding to create and manage a blog is a huge undertaking. You will battle internally for a while, before finally deciding to move forward with a blog.

The creation of a blog comes with many rewards but also has its fair share of challenges as well. When you do decide to start your blog you will soon realize

that there are a multitude of things that you never thought of or could have prepared for. Below is a list of 15 things that you will learn when you start up your blog.

◊15.You will realize that you are scared

This is quite a natural reaction. Any new venture or unknown territory comes with a certain degree of insecurity and fear. However, with this fear also comes the realization that until you actually embark on starting up your blog, you will never face your fear head on, and likewise you will never overcome the fear.

14.The cost will surprise you 

Once you decide to make the big move, one of the things you will learn is that it is not expensive to start up a blog. Point Blank. Period.

◊13.You will be tired

Starting up a new blog takes a lot out of you in the way of creating, planning and the organization of your thoughts into posts. You will find your mind constantly churning with new ideas and new angles. To a certain degree you will find yourself mentally tired. You may even lose sleep in the first few days worrying about whether you are making the right move, and worrying over the blog itself.

12.The learning curve

If you are deciding to start up a blog, you are probably a person who likes to read and learn new ideas. However, nothing will prepare you for the quantity of reading that you will  do in regards to learning new creative ideas and managing your blog.

◊11. You will go right back to high school

Remember when you were in college or high school and you did a class that you thought was totally useless? Back then you thought to yourself that you would never use those skills in real life right? It will totally come back to haunt you. Computer Science will become your Class from College Class Past, as you will find yourself learning and doing some degree of coding.

10.New discoveries

When you first start creating your site, you will feel like you just entered an underworld. Like Seriously. Where were these people all along? Hello? CCS Coders, Website developers, Host Companies…who? what? You will be introduced to a whole new fascinating world of people. You will learn a lot of computer science, coding jargon, and legal terms that you would never have thought existed in the world of blogging.

9.It’s hard work

Quite early you will realize that blogging is not easy. I am so tempted to say “Blogging Aint Easy” LOL. But, if you are like me, and you enjoy a challenge, you will realize that it is definitely worth the fight.

8.Your creative skills will evolve

When you look back at your first post you will realize that you have evolved in terms of how your create your work. You will discover new methods, new tools, and remember how I mentioned reading in point #13 above? All of the reading will result in an evolution of your blog. I mean, who wants to keep doing the same old thing all the time?? As you go through the process you will become more confident, more savvy, and it will show in your blog content.

◊7.It will be rewarding

Creating a new blog will make you realize that you are embarking on something that is deeply rewarding. It almost feels like you have created another baby and watching  this blog baby grow and develop will make you proud.

◊6.Small successes 

You will find yourself celebrating your small successes. Having someone read your blog will feel like you just won a prize on a scratch off ticket…having someone give you positive feedback…whoa hold on!…MegaMillions winner over here! LOL.  It will feel absolutely wonderful to have others take the time to read your blog.

◊5.You become a site stalker

Very early in the blogging game, you will find yourself stalking your site. Constantly. Repeatedly. Like, alot. LOL. You will be a bit fidgety and almost afraid that it may somehow drop off the face of the internet.  Every day you stalk the site and it is still there, you will smile 🙂

4.You will ask questions 

You will learn to ask questions and this will make for a better blogger. You will find yourself gravitating towards people in your niche, or bloggers who are displaying skills that you yourself would like to hone in on.


You will learn that if you believe it….you will do it….and that it CAN be done.

2.Jack of all trades

You will become an online writer, content editor, an an artist, a marketer and a public relations guru all rolled up into one.

◊1.Adimiration and Appreciation

And this brings us to numero uno. The number one thing you will learn from starting up your own blog is that you will have a deep ADMIRATION and APPRECIATION for bloggers who have come before you. You will respect their work even more, as you understand how hard they have worked to get to where they are.

As you can see, there are many factors to think about in the creation of a new blog. Some great, and some that definitely necessitate extra thinking. If you are still on the fence with whether to start up your blog post or not. Do your research. If it sounds like it may work for you, don’t procrastinate. Go for it.

Happy Blogging!


What has your blogging journey been like? Or perhaps you haven’t started yet. What is holding you back?


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