Valentine’s Day Gifts

It is hard to believe that Valentine’s day is almost here. If feels like the year started yesterday. I tend to be unconventional when it comes to special days like Valentine’s Day.

Flowers are nice, but they wilt away and then you are left with a mess. You are mom now, cleaner-upper-of-humans not cleaner-upper-of-flowers.

So in keeping with the Valentine’s day theme, I have put together a list of special gift items guaranteed to suit a least one person on your list. Many of these are from my personal vault, and I hope you like them.

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my detailed Disclaimer.

Here are the gifts, from left to right:


For Baby 

1. Have your baby make a fashion statement. Who can resist a onesie? I know I can’t. Adorn baby in this adorable Mommy Is My Valentine Onesie

2. Take it a step further with the Valentine Romper Bodysuit Set

3. If your baby has not yet arrived, work on accessorizing baby’s room for the next Valentine’s day with the Valentines Day Plush Teddy Bear which makes for a good addition to welcome YOUR new addition!


4. If you kids are a little older, the Baby Touch and Feel I Love You book will absolutely delight them! We have a few of these books and they really are engaging for both infants and toddlers. Something about being able to “touch” the animals absolutely drives them insane. It is a great sensory tool as it teaches them not only reading skills, but how the item being discussed in the book “feels”.

For Her

5. Be sure to pull your entire look together this Valentine’s day. The Urban Decay Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette will help you do just that. A very basic palette that can help you to pull off a very beautiful neutral look.

6. And what goes with a neutral look on Valentine’s day? A very bold lip! Go for a flattering color, like MAC Ruby Woo


7. NYX Cosmetics Butter Lip Gloss in Red Velvet is another great option for a bold lip, If you are on a budget.

8. If you are trying to hide the bump, because you are not yet ready to disclose, do like I did and rock a scarf! Not only is it a great time and season for scarfs, aka freezing cold in the North East, but it is a great fashion accessory to add a pop of color to your outfits, and also, scarves are the greatest bump hider you can find on the market. lol.
Lina & Lily Loving Hearts Print Scarf

9. Mix up some Love Potion and add it to the Love Potion Thermal Mug, another great option for her on that special day.

10. Did anybody say Wonder Woman? Why yes! If you are about to give birth to to a beautiful human being, then yes, Wonder Woman is definitely what you are. Celebrate your powers with a sip (of water) in your
Wonder Woman Commuter Bottle

For Him

11. Dad, you are not forgotten. If you are looking to splurge on that special man in your life, because – after all let’s face it – there are times that he just deserves it, go for the JORD Wooden Wrist Watches for Men

Now remember I used the word “splurge” in the first sentence. These watches are not cheap. The first time I every saw this statement piece was when one of the Youtoubers I follow, showed it as a gift she had bought for her husband. These watches are interesting and unique. The are hand crafted, and literally made of wood.

12. Next, if you are expecting, celebrate the arrival of the new baby, dad style. Give him this beautiful Newborn Baby Photo Frame and Card. It has two frames, the left comes with a poem card and the right has the space for an actual photo. You can personalized it by adding your newest sonogram picture. Later on, you can add a picture of the beautiful baby.

13. If your bundle of joy is already here, allow dad to step out in style on Valentine’s day, hands free with an Infantino Carrier.


13. Last but not least. You just can’t go wrong with candy on Valentine’s day. LINDT & GODIVA Valentine’s Day Gift Basket  Mic Drop.


Whatever gift you do decide to buy, always remember mom in your gift giving, and give her the one precious gift that she truly wants – just five minutes of peace and quiet


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