The Art of Announcing Your Pregnancy At Work

When you are ready to be pregnant, and you find out that you are pregnant, something magical happens.

You want to climb the highest mountain, sing a Julie Andrews song and fervently announce the news.

Your heart is full with joy, you are basking in the rapture and you want everyone to know it.

Reality soon sets in and you realize and recognize that alas, you must wait a bit before telling everyone that you know.

Whether you choose to tell after the sacred 12 weeks, or decide that the five month mark – (ahem)…works best for you, there ultimately comes a time when you have to let the people you work with know, as at some point, the precious baby you are carrying will be help you in announcing.

It can be very tricky knowing when and how to tell the people that you work with.

When you are expecting for the first time, you are just a bit unsure as to how to say the words. I know I was. Regardless of way you choose to announce your news, always remember that should try your very best to tell your boss first. Read my post here about How To Tell Your Boss You’re Expecting.

Below are a few clever ways to make help make the announcement go just a little smoother, and take the edge and nervousness away.

1.The details are in the email

Loop your boss in on this one. If you work in a corporate type environment which relies strongly on emails, why not send one?

Blind copy all of your team members, and in the body of your email type 3 words.. “Our team is growing”, add a creative graphic, and at the end of your email type “We are expecting”, and send away. Within minutes you will have colleagues flocking to your office with congratulations.

2.Agenda Items

Why not ask to be added to your team’s agenda? Most offices and businesses have bi-weekly or monthly standing meetings.

Ask your leader whether you can be added to the official team agenda and privately indicate to him what your agenda item is. Disguise your true topic with a creative made up one for the purpose of the agenda.

3.Huddle Up

Ask your boss if you can call a quick “team huddle”. Congregate at a popular spot in your building, whether it be the water cooler, or a specific office space where team mates gather, such as a lunchroom.

Do it at an off peak time so that only you and your team mates are present.

Ask one person to do a head count to ensure that all is present.

Announce that you are ready to begin, and that you are glad that all (add one to the number counted by your team mate) are present.

Be sure to say whatever number your have been given, plus one, then point to your bump. You are guaranteed to get a reaction from your team!



Whatever creative method you choose, always remember that if someone else has announced their big news that day, or that week, allow them a chance to enjoy the congratulations and fanfare.

Just wait a little before announcing your big news, so that others can enjoy fully with you as well.

Share with us how you have, or how you plan to announce your news at work. 




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