Two Baby Products You Will Use 2 Years Later

One of the things that you do not realize, and which people forget to tell you, when you are joyously preparing for your baby, adding item after item on your baby registry, is the fact that within a short timespan, some of the products will become obsolete.

When you bring home the new baby, the items are great and useful in what they do, but as time goes by you find that some of the items are no longer needed because the baby has oustgrown them, or because they are no longer useful.


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Two such examples of what I am talking about are nasal aspirators and prop pillows, which I used with my own babies.

Both are great items and highly effective.

Nasal aspirations help in relieving a baby’s stuffy nose and the prop pillows help with the development of skills such as crawling.

However, by the 6-12 month mark, you may find yourself hardly using them, or in my case, you my find that you kids have turned them into toys…nasal aspirator…#kick ball.

However there are a few gems that will carry you through for years.

Two of those items for me, are the Sara Bear Portable Caddy and the First Years ..see how it says years?…the First Years Bottle Warmer.


Sarah Bear Portable Caddy

I could probably write a twenty page dissertation on why I love this caddy so much.

But I won’t. I will tell you why I selected it.

You already know how I feel about chaos and clutter. So one of the things I wanted off the bat was something relatively compact which would not take up too much space.

It had to be something which could hold baby diapers and wipes, and be easy to get in and out of.

Additionally, I wanted a caddy that had a handle and could be carried from room to room.

The biggest reason I made this particular selection was because I wanted all the products I use daily in one place.

The caddy comes with a white baffle box cover that is aesthetically pleasing, gives dimension, but is also functional.

It has four large compartments, five if you include the middle compartment, and 3 side hidden compartments.

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We basically divide ours in two. On the right we keep the diapers for our older child, and on the left we keep the smaller diapers.

In the front pockets we keep creams such as diaper rash cream, and moisturizing creams.

In the hidden inner pockets we keep thermometers, and baby brushes/combs, things of that sort.

See how we styled our below! You like that? We styled ours. lol

The caddy comfortable holds 10 diapers/pull ups on each side, and 2 soft packs of Huggies wipes in the center.

Going on more than 2 years later, and this is still an item that we use every single day.

As an added bonus, when you stop using it as a diaper caddy, you can remove the white baffle box cover, and you have a regular basket. #Easter Basket, #Trick or Treat Basket, you name it!

Another great carry-you-through product is the

First Years Bottle Warmer

I cannot say enough good things about this warmer.

I chose this warmer initially because I wanted something that had the “travel” cooler component.

The cooler compartment comes with a water bottle that you freeze, and is ergonomically designed to fit in the cooler.

It allows the bottles to stay chilled for up to 8 hours.

I promise you that two years after your baby, you will still use both the cooler and warmer.

The cooler has a handle which makes it portable.

Bonus, after you stop using it for baby bottles, it can be used to keep a few squeezable baby juices while on the go.

The warmer itself has an automatic self shut off.

I will be the first to admit that you really do become a bit on the forgetful side when you are a new mom, but that is only because you are busy being so awesome!

So, not having to worry about whether you shut off a baby warmer is a great relief.

Additionally, it comes with 2 small vials that allow you to pre-measure the water and store it in a hinged manner on the side of the warmer itsel!

This may not sound like a big deal, but believe me, it helps avert many a fumble during overnight feelings.

Last but not least, the warmer has a basket insert for warming baby food, and you can use the basket and the provided lid to sterilize pacifiers.

The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler, Blue/White

You will find that the cooler component is comparable with most types of bottles. Be however mindful that because of the unconventional shape of the Tommee Tippie bottles, they do sit a bit odd in this warmer.

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