Why Huggies Wipes May Work For You

Generally, when you are expecting for the first time, wipes are one of the last things you purchase.

We tend to be more interested in the cute onesies with the pretty pictures on them.

When you are pregnant the second time around, things change really quickly, and baby wipes become one of the FIRST things you think about.

Why? Because, sometimes you know better the second time around.

Baby wipes become a significant part of your everyday life.

In a nutshell, when you have a baby or babies, you need wipes all day, at all times. Did I mention the “at all times” part?

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So, that being said, the burning question on your mind is probably what do I consider my favorite brand of wipes, and what scientific study led me to deduce the fact that it was indeed the best for me.

My mom was the first one on the scene to provide her input on this topic.

She basically TOLD me that I was going with the Huggies brand of wipes, since that was the one SHE had used.

My response was “No!”. Her response was “Yes you are”, and then I said “…No, I’m not going to..”. Ok back to reality! That’s totally not how it happened.

After my mom suggested the Huggies brand wipes, being my usual Sherlock Holmes self, I wanted to go out and purchase every other brand of wipes known to man, test them all and decide which one I felt was best.

However, when the tiredness of pregnancy has set in, the last thing you physically want to do is set out on a marathon of wipes testing.

So I basically went with mom on this one. My logic was very plain and simple.

If my mom had two children, and trusted the fact that Huggies was the best diaper wipes brand for her, I should just run with it.

If the Huggies brand did not make it in my book, then I had a solid starting point at which to compare all other brands which would possible come after it, in the event that I did not like Huggies.

All other brands would have to show me that they were better as I would now have a yardstick to measure them against.

No scientific study took place in my decision to go with the Huggies wipes.

I bought them based on my mom’s advice, used them, used them again, kept using them, then found that I loved them and here are some reasons why they may work well for you.

1.They are just designed for bum bums 🙂 Thanks to their awesome size and length they are just designed for holding over the palm, and index finger and for wiping away anything that you put before them. I love the size.

2.The moistness. I love the fact that the wipes provide an ultimate quantity of moisture which makes them very durable.

They can sometimes be borderline wet, but again I do not mind this as I feel that it allows you to really cleanse as needed.

3.The price. We tend to buy wipes in large quantities. We purchase the Huggies Simply Clean, which contains 11 soft packs, a total of 792.

Just for reference, a case of wipes with 2 babies, can last about 2 weeks.

*Helpful Hint

Always be sure to close the flap! This is one of my pet peeves, as we live in a cold climate and leaving the flap at the top of the wipes open makes it succeptable to drying out. A quick fix that I have found, should this happen, is adding a small quantity (very small, let’s say 1 to 2 ounces) of water inside of the container. This helps the wipes regain their moistness.

4.Packaging/Convenience. This will sound so odd, but one of the things I enjoy about a new pack of wipes is digging into that seal when you first open the flap of the soft pack.

Love it! Then voila, the wipes are already peaking out at you and ready for use.

You are able to remove wipes in a continuous quantity, with the right angle and tilted pressure, thus acting similar to the select a size concept for paper towels.

Take a lot when you need a lot, take one when you need one.

Also, I like that a quick shake can also separate the wipes when you are trying to hold on to a wiggly baby, and only have one hand free.

5.Portability. When on the go, you can grab one of the individual soft packs and just toss it in a handbag.

6.The usefulness of the empty tub. In the beginning we actually bought the tub and refills.

However, I did not like the fact that the refills, though matter how tightly you seal them, once opened, still dried out relatively quickly.

But, what I do like about the tubs is the fact that they can be repurposed into storage containers for toys and knick knacks.

Last but not least, special mention has to be made of the One and Done variety of the Huggies wipes.

You literally only use one or two, due to their thickness.

This is the one that we generally use.

*Helpful Hint
Always purchase wipes in cases if you can. Whether you are down to the last case, or have cases on hand, it is always wise to purchase additional. Not only is this cost effective, it affords you with a continuous supply. You do not want to be the parent with the baby on the changing table who finds out that you are down to the last single sheet.

I would highly recommend this to any new mom or “about to be mom”. You are always going to need baby wipes. I repeat, you will always need baby wipes. Keep them in stock!

HUGGIES Simply Clean Fragrance Free Baby Wipes, 11 Soft Pack (792 Count Total), Alcohol and Paraben Free

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